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We make Alternative Asset sourcing, research and due diligence simpler, seamless, standardized and more Reg BI Care Obligation compliant - serving as your process, procedure and documentation protocol.
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How We Do It:​​

  1. Alts Marketplace: Find and research funds in a consistent and transparent manner with Reg BI Reasonably Available Alternatives filters and side by side comparison tool. Access leading emerging Alts strategies & managers. 24/7/365 access. No emails, no voicemails, no travel required.

  2. Next Generation Virtual Fund Portals: Standardized & enhanced sponsor & fund data presentation experience. Streamlining your due diligence process, decreasing frustration and time to complete review. Emailing back and forth, "Dropbox" and traditional VDR's are obsolete.

  3. Fund Review Dashboard: Manage and complete fund reviews all in one place. All of your “In Review” and “In Cue” funds are here. Filterable & with investment committee notes and links embedded.

  4. Advisor Fund Test Modules

  5. E-Forms Library: Customizable Broker Dealer & RIA internal Due Diligence compliance documents.

  6. Fund Archive: Simplify your SEC & FINRA compliance reviews. Every fund reviewed, both approved and declined is here, fully filterable with your investment committee notes and REG BI Reasonably Available Alternatives documentation embedded.    

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