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Alts Fund LINK makes it easier for Broker Dealer and RIA Due Diligence Officers and advisors to find and review your fund offerings in a streamlined and standardized format.
Our role in your pre sale & capital raising effort is:
  • Increase sponsor & fund BD & RIA exposure
  • Enhance sponsor & fund presentation & experience
  • Streamline your due diligence process
  • Decrease time to onboard selling agreements
  • Minimize delays in the due diligence process
  • Help grow your selling syndicate
How we do it:
  • Next Generation Digital Fund Portals
  • Alts Marketplace
  • Bi weekly email campaigns

Focus on building & growing Broker Dealer & RIA relationships - we handle the rest.
Grow your selling syndicate.
Save time, frustration & expense.

Before the Alts Fund LINK, Fund sponsors had 3 primary ways to get their fund "seen".
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Industry Conferences 
Voicemail & Emails are time consuming, low success activities- many Due Diligence Officers get hundreds of emails and voicemails daily. We provide 24/7/365 exposure to your funds and enhance your pre, post and "in" conference exposure to BD & RIA Due Diligence Officers.
There is a better, more cost effective way.
The Alts Fund LINK is the leading solution for Alts sponsors looking to increase exposure and expand selling syndicates.
With recent economic dislocation, 70%* of Broker Dealers and RIAs are looking for new and emerging fund sector, strategy and managers. How will you be seen?
* Independent survey of 20 leading Broker Dealer and RIAs Executives and Due Diligence Officers.
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